Our Story

Our Story

R.H Binks & Sons Traditional Family Butchers has been a small family run business since 1920 based in Wakefield.

We pride ourselves in old fashion shop-keeping with a 'The customer comes first' mentality. We supply only the very best locally sourced Yorkshire meat and poultry. Our company started from humble beginnings and continued to grow, we now supply a selection of the finest restaurants, deli's, schools and other Butchers shops around Yorkshire.

Sourcing the majority of our meat from established Yorkshire farms, we support regional farmers who share our commitment to welfare and outstanding quality without the use of intensive farming or growth hormones and additive. Our beef is matured for 28 days to ensure maximum tenderness and flavour, we hold time-honoured techniques above mass produced supermarket offerings.

The Binks family had been Farmers in the village of East Ardsley for decades. Starting from Moor Knoll Farm as a Dairy Milking business, the story of how we began in the butchering business is actually a funny tale...

Like their father before them, Victor & Richard (Dick) worked in the milking business in the 1800's. When business took a small hit, the brothers decided to take a young heifer to the local auction in Wakefield. The price they were offered for the heifer was so low, they couldn't bear to see it go for such a loss, so they walked it home.

They killed the animal and chopped it into lumps taking it on their milk round, offering it to their customers along with their milk. When the next week came along and with no beef, the customers wanted more. Thus, A Binks & Son's was formed on the farm, with the addition of an on-site slaughterhouse and shop to the regular milking business.

R.H Binks and Sons Family Butchers

Core Values

Traditional Butcher
Cutting quality meat the way you want it from farm to fridge. Traditions passed down from one generation to the next, we are moving with the times whilst keeping our traditional way of Butchering alive.

Traceable Butcher
We use the same farmers from the Yorkshire area as we know they rear fantastic cattle, fit for our customers. Using a Yorkshire Auction Market in Selby, we attend and hand pick quality Beef, Pork and Lamb every week.

Tasty Butcher
For the best tasting meat, it's not only about where it comes from, its about how the meat is treated in the process. Using a small abattoir in Ilkley, West Yorkshire, we then hang our Beef for a minimum of 28 days, for that quality taste.

Family Timeline

Knowle Farm was owned by William Sharp Binks and his wife Alice,(Grandmother & Grandfather to the oldest living member, Cyril John (Jack) Binks). Their sons Victor and Richard (better known as Dick) Binks helped to run a well established Dairy Farm. It was a very well run business and catered to the surrounding area, using their horse and cart delivery service.

1914-1918 First World War
Cyril James Binks aka Jim, son of Mrs A. Binks, fell in the war, July 1918. Whilst in a trench on the western front, a shell exploded killing him instantly.

1920 The beginning of A Binks & Sons
In 1920 Victor and Dick decided to take a little Heifer to market, but were appalled with the price it was offered and decided to walk it home instead of selling.
They decided to kill the beast themselves and with no idea of butchery, they chopped it in lumps and took it on their milk round whilst offering meat to their customers.
When they had run out of meat, the customers wanted more and thus 'A Binks & Sons' was formed from the farm at Moor Knoll using their mothers name.
With plenty of room they used a small holding at the side of the farmhouse to host the butchers shop and created a slaughterhouse from another building.

1922 Too Much To Take On
In 1922 the Binks Family sold the milking business to Clifford Clayton, although still kept the premises and still did the milking themselves whilst running the milk carts for him, continuing the meat delivery business..

1938 The Development
In 1938 Dick opened a butchers shop on Fall Hill, Mary Street and Victor carried on the shop at the farm. Both businesses thrived in the village and catered for a huge wholesale business to other butchers shops in the local area. All killing and slaughtering was done on Knowle Farm.

1939-1945 Second World War
Cyril John (Jack) Binks was a called up in August 1945 and became a cook in the armed forces (RAF), and flew all over the world just after the Second World War. First posted to South East Africa and Cairo to a cookery school. When acing a test regarding the different cuts of meat, he was asked ,'Have you been a butcher, Binks?' Response; 'No I was a jockey for a pig breeder.'
After 3 years service, he was returned back to England where he then carried on with his work in the slaughterhouse.

1957 The Big Move
The Binks family bought the shop and land were we are today, on Bradford Road.
Dick obtained Bradford Road due to the size of the slaughterhouse being much bigger and able to deal with the growth of the business. Cyril John (Jack) and Harold were to take over the business and let Dick and Victor retire.
With the slaughterhouse and wholesale business growing, Jack decided to open the shop on Bradford Road. With lots of hard work, the shop has turned into what it is today.

1958 New Beginnings
Jack & Harold opened the shop at Bradford Road growing the wholesale business to new levels and getting a foot in the door in the butchers industry whilst there were already five other butchers in the area.

2003 Into The 21st Century
Donald, Oldest son of Cyril John, took over the shop giving it a full refurbishment and brought it to were it is today.

Meat the Team

Donald Binks


Don started in the butchering business at around five years old, working in the slaughterhouse and mucking in, it's all he's ever known. There's nothing he doesn't know about cattle or meat.

Fun Fact - Don hates human blood and will pass out at the sight of it. Yet absolutely fine with animals
Hobbies/Interest's - Watching Rugby, Meeting Friends (In the pub), Taking a well deserved break to the caravan
Favourite Music - ACDC, Led Zepplin, all that Rock era

Jack Binks


After trying a few different careers after University, Jack decided to come back to his roots to help with the family business and hasn't looked back since.

Fun Fact - Jack's obsessed with watches s much as women are with shoes and handbags and spends his wages filling his watch box.

Hobbies/interests - Rugby, Golf, Biking, Gin
Favourite Movie - Con Air/Cars
Favourite Drink - Gin&Tonic


Experienced Butcher

With over 25 years worth of experience in Butchering, Alan finally feels at home and has fitted in to our business like a knife to a steel. He brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the team, and although he may look scary he's a gentle giant.

Fun Fact - Alan has a tattoo of his dogs paw print

Hobbies - Fishing (Badly), Boxing and Football
Favourite Drink - Spiced Rum and Coke Zero


Experienced Butcher

Jon is our new inventive and creative butcher, with 15+ years experience. He is a personal and friendly character who understands the needs of customers and is always willing to go the extra mile. Jon is always looking to bring new ideas and products into the shop counter and is a great tactical sales man having also worked in the car sales industry.

Fun Fact - Jon broke his nose running into a wall

Hobbies - Interested in Cars
Favourite Drink - Spiced Rum and Coke
Favourite TV Show - Brassic


Sandwich Assistant

Our longest serving employee who knows her customers by their sandwiches not there name. Wendy takes pride in her job and sometimes will even dream about Pies and the oven buzzer. Always willing to help out and go the extra mile for her customers.

Teresa (Or T)

Sandwich Assistant

T has been a fantastic addition to the team, she brings a fun and friendly face to the shop and is always up for a laugh. T has a fantastic customer service background and has built some great relationships with our customers.